Die Multicloud ist Realität in Unternehmen – IBM stellt Management-Tool vor

Multcloud ist in aller IT-Munde und hier ein plastisches Beispiel, um wie das aussehen könnte:

“If a car rental company uses one cloud for its AI services, another for its bookings system, and runs its financial processes on on-premise computers in offices around the world, IBM Multicloud Manager can span the company’s multiple computing infrastructures enabling customers to book a car at increased speeds using the company’s mobile app.”

über IBM: Flat Q3 results as Multicloud Manager launches | Internet of Business

Fast zeitgleich zu den leider ernüchternden Q3 Quartalsergebnissen hat IBM auch einige Ankündigungen neuer Lösungen gemacht. Dazu gehört zentral der neue IBM Multicloud Manager, mit dem eine heterogene Umgebung von Cloud-Lösungen, die von verschiedenen Anbietern kommen können, und On-Premise, Lösungen, die im eigenen Rechenzentrum laufen, verwaltet werden können. Die Lösung unterstützt natürlich die IBM Cloud, kann aber Workloads von Anbietern Amazon, Red Hat oder Microsoft verwalten.

Der IBM Multicloud Manager läuft auf der IBM Cloud Private Plattform, die auf Kubernetes Container Orchestrierungstechnologie basiert. Mit diesem Open-source-Ansatz werden Apps in Containern “verpackt”, um sie einfacher verwalten zu können. Mit dem IBM Multicloud Manager  will man den Herausforderungen von und der Realität in Unternehmen gerecht werden.

Analyst quotes
“The old idea that everything would move to the public cloud never happened,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, IDC. “Instead, the cloud market has evolved to meet the needs of clients who want to maintain on-premises systems while tapping a multitude of cloud platforms and vendors. The challenge for this approach is integration. Many IT companies have been talking about multicloud, but to date the user experience has been fragmented. IT and business executives are looking for multicloud capabilities that reduce the risks, and deliver more automation throughout their cloud journeys.”

“Cloud computing is at a major inflection point in its evolution,” said Roy Illsley, Distinguished Analyst, Ovum. “While 20 percent of business processes have already moved to the cloud, 80 percent of mission-critical workloads and sensitive data are still running on on-premises business systems because of performance and regulatory requirements. However, in 2019 the percentage of these workloads running in the cloud will increase to over 40 percent and we anticipate that in the coming years enterprise clients will move to multicloud systems that cater for a broad variety of business and IT needs.”

“Operating in a multicloud environment is a reality for most enterprise functions today, though too often it happens in silos. Instead of ignoring or attempting to stifle organizational forays onto multiple clouds, IT needs to get better at facilitating, orchestrating and optimizing enterprise multicloud footing,” according to a new IBM Institute of Business Value report. “Enterprises that assemble harmonized multicloud platforms now can position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower costs.”
IBM Institute of Business Value report: Assembling Your Cloud Orchestra

über IBM Unveils World’s First Multicloud Management Technology – Oct 15, 2018


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