Security-Alarm: Neuer Internet Explorer Bug ermöglicht Hackern Windows-Systeme zu übernehmen

Nur kurz gemeldet ein Security-Alarm vom 23. April von TechRepublic für alle Anwender von Internet Explorer und Windows:

  • A Chinese cybersecurity firm has found a zero-day exploit in Internet Explorer that is already being used to infect machines through malicious Microsoft Office documents.
  • Microsoft has yet to issue a response to the discovery, and until it patches the vulnerability IE users should be particularly careful not to open Office attachments from unknown sources.

Chinese cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 has discovered (translation necessary) a new Microsoft Internet Explorer zero-day exploit it says is already being used in the wild.

via Windows shops be warned: New Internet Explorer bug lets hackers hijack your system – TechRepublic

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(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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