Direktnachrichten in Slack sind nicht mehr privat – Export erlaubt “Mitlesen”

TheNextWeb berichtet unter der reißerischen Überschrift “Slack’s new policy lets bosses read employees’ DMs without consent”, quasi der Chef kann mitlesen, über eine neue Funktionalität, die es Administratoren erlaubt, ohne Benachrichtigung alle Daten inklusive derer in privaten 1:1-Konversationen (also Direktnachrichten) zu exportieren und damit zu lesen. Laut TheNextWeb wurde das sinnigerweise implementiert, um GDPR-konform zu werden …

If your company uses Slack for group communication, you might want to watch what you say in Direct Messages with your colleagues: the app now lets administrators export all the data shared through it, including those private conversations – without notifying you.

That’s thanks to an updated privacy policy and tools that help Slack comply with GDPR rules; they grant customers on Slack’s Plus and Enterprise Grid plans access to a self-service tool for exporting data from all public and private channels. This functionality was previously available too, but it used to notify users when it was turned on, so they’d know that their DMs weren’t entirely private.

via Slack’s new policy lets bosses read employees’ DMs without consent

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  • Stefan Pfeiffer

    Weitere Nachrichten zu Slack, wo es offensichtlich Probleme mit der Zuverlässigkeit gibt:

    Slack, a disruptor in the communication platform market, is constructing its own “safety engineering team” to combat service interruptions, reports Reuters. By comparison, its competitors suffer far lower outage rates.

    In roughly the last year, Slack has had 40 days of outages and 51 days where its customers reported incidents of “reduce[d] functionality,” according to the report. During the same time frame, competitors Atlassian and Stride had only four days of outages and 25 days of interruptions, combined.

    via Slack could struggle to survive with more outages, so it’s building a team to prevent them | CIO Dive

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