Warum sollten Business Owner ihre eigenen Prozesse automatisieren – und wegrationalisieren?

Chris DeBrusk schreibt auf MIT Sloan über fünf Risiken, die man bei der Automatisierung beachten und minimieren sollte. Der Punkt, der mir ins Auge gesprungen ist:

Business-process owners have no incentive to automate themselves or their staffs out of jobs. It is unreasonable to assume that the people who own a process are the right people to automate it. A key premise underlying the process-automation programs that many organizations have underway is that bots will reduce the headcount required to execute core functions. Even if using bots will clearly improve the efficiency of the process and even if staff whose jobs are replaced by the use of bots get redeployed elsewhere in the company, it is a rare operations manager who will actively work to reduce the size of his or her group. Salaries and bonuses are often tied to the number of people who work for a specific manager, creating a disincentive to trade improved productivity for fewer workers.

via Five Robotic Process Automation Risks to Avoid

Gute Frage, man braucht die Kenner des Prozesses, da sie (hoffentlich) das geschäftliche Wissen haben. Aber warum sollte diejenigen, die den Geschäftsprozess “besitzen” und kennen, diesen automatisieren – und sich selbst und seine Mitarbeiter wegrationalisieren?

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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