Der Unterschied in der digitalen Transformation: Das Echtzeit-Unternehmen

Ein lesenswerter Beitrag, der klar macht, dass es nicht mehr nur darum geht, dass jede Firma in der digitalen Transformation ein Software-Unternehmen wird. Das wird nicht genügen. Die Nutzung von Daten in Echtzeit macht den Unterschied:

But today, every organization, no matter the industry, has had to undergo a digital transformation to become a software-driven company in order to compete and stay relevant with their customers. The next phase involves becoming a live data organization. As the internet of things generates massive new levels of instant data, the next opportunity is to use live data to create new revenue models, new customer experiences and/or dramatically improve operations.

The Boston Consulting Group’s extensive IoT survey shows the dramatic impact of how live data affects different industries, with spending expected to reach over $295 billion by 2020 led by industries such as discrete manufacturing, transportation, logistics and utilities.

This is the live data tsunami, and the speed with which an organization reacts to live data is now a mission-critical capability. It’s also a tipping point for multiple industries.

via The Live Data Industrial Revolution

Lesenswert die Beispiele, die der Autor Tony Koinov auf Forbes auffährt. Nachlesen! Da wird der Unterschied gemacht.

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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