Jenseits von Firewall und BYOD: Datenschutz in einer Zeit, wo alle Dinge alles wissen

Das Verständnis von Datenschutz und Datensicherheit muss sich nicht erst im Zeitalter des Internet der Dinge, der vernetzten Geräte, der immer intelligenteren Geräte (Stichwort Edge Computing und künstliche Intelligenz) muss sich ändern. Mit der alten Firewall werden wir den neue Bedrohungen nicht gerecht werden. CIO und IT haben keine Wahl. Sie müssen auf Smartphone, intelligente Geräte und Sensoren und Apps reagieren, unseren immer größer werdenden digitalen Fingerbadruck:

Combinations of devices, applications and services often know more about us than our own families do. They know what we’ve searched for, what we’ve bought, where we bought it, how we paid for it, where we’ve been and who we’ve called. And it won’t stop there. As the next wave of consumer devices (e.g., wearables) take hold in our daily lives, more data gets generated, modeled and understood in context, and a more comprehensive digital representation of the physical self continues to emerge.


via Privacy In An Era Where All Things Know All Things

Oft tauschen wir Bequemlichkeit gegen Datenschutz. Doch gerade auch in Unternehmen müssen wir reagieren und alte Konzepte über Bord werfen und neu an das Thema Datenschutz herangehen:

  • First, we must recognize that the days of relying on a strategy of “securing the device” are coming to an end. …, it’s much more about securing the data — at rest, in transit and in use. 
  • Second, we must accept that the traditional enterprise perimeter, the firewall, is no longer the single point of entry to corporate systems and data. The perimeter has shrunk, but it has multiplied; there are now perimeters around individual devices, groups of devices and their associated data.
  • Third, we must begin to apply new techniques for defining user-centric policies and using advanced analytics and autonomic approaches to enforcing those policies in conjunction with the places where the new perimeters appear.

Finally, we must continue to leverage the value of defense-in-depth approaches to security and be clear on which processes and tools add value versus those that are redundant.


There is no magic bullet for effective modern security, but don’t think that you have to start over. Just because you install alarms and sensors in your house doesn’t mean you should stop locking the doors and windows when you leave.

via Privacy In An Era Where All Things Know All Things

In Zeiten, wo es Hubschrauber, Flugzeuge und Fallschirmspringer gibt, nutzt die chinesische Mauer nicht mehr zu viel. Das sollten heute auch CIO und CISO verstehen.

(Stefan Pfeiffer)




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