“The CIO of tomorrow will have to be an active advisor, broker and orchestrator to make business design change happen”

Ein sehr lesenswerter Beitrag vom IBM-Kollegen Ismail Amla über die Rolle, die der CIO künftig spielen muss. Hier seine Zusammenfassung, aber unbedingt den ganzen Artikel lesen!

So, the CIO of tomorrow will not just be responsible for facilitating digital transformation — but to lead it. CIOs will have to evolve along with the enterprise. The fact that organizations have equal access to emerging technologies, carving out a competitive advantage in future markets won’t be easy. But the opportunity to weave disparate tools and approaches together could deliver exponential advancement. The earlier a CIO accepts that business strategy and technology are inseparable, the sooner the organization can begin to transform to fluidly accept the waves of change necessary to win in a Digital Economy.

via Blazing the Trails of Technology; CIOs take Center Stage

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