Neues CIO-Video: Anpacken und kämpfen

Sehr anders, diese neue CIO-Video meines Arbeitgebers IBM auf der neu gestalteten weltweiten CIO Webseite. Ich musste an Muhammed Ali als CIO denken, der in Ring steigt, und die digitale Zukunft des Unternehmens mit seinen Fäusten erkämpft. Sind aber nur meine Assoziationen.

Und hier das Transkript des Videos zum Nachlesen:

Three letters,
one leader.
The I in the middle means more than before.
But just what does “I” mean?
that’s yours to explore.
A moment of action –
that action decides, Who leads and who follows
in the future of I.
To lead for your team you must stand up and fight.
You – must rise.
You’ll need Ingenuity,
you’ll need Inspiration,
To take the Initiative
and ignite innovation.
For your fate is uncertain;
your work is cut out.
Your role must evolve;
only results will end doubt.
When they zig, you zag,
when they jab, you evade.
You maneuver with mastery,
each blow relayed.
You float like a cloud,
with cognitive ability,
Quick as a whip,
with augmented agility.
You out-dance advances,
the crowd rips and roars.
Now it’s up to the board
to tally the scores.
But the fight isn’t finished,
the battle won’t end.
The true winner must win again and again.
It’s You to the Power of IBM.
(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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