Sonnenuntergang: Oracle und wohl das Ende der letzten Produkte von Sun #VorDerSportschau

Als IT-Dinosaurier, nunmehr seit 10 Jahren IBM’er und jemand, der zu FileNet-Zeiten eine Allianz mit Sun mit betreut hatte, muss ich diese Meldung von ZDNet auch hier auf dem CIOKurator zitieren. Der ein oder andere CIO wird sich noch an die Server und die Performance-Wettkämpfe gerade auch zwischen Sun und IBM erinnern. Alles Gute den Mitarbeitern!

Officially, Oracle hasn’t said a thing. … As many as 2,500 Oracle, former Sun, employees have been laid off. Good bye, SPARC. Good bye, Solaris. Your day is done.

None of this is a real surprise. Oracle had cut former Sun engineers and developers by a thousand employees in January. In Oracle’s most recent SPARC/Solaris roadmap, the next generation Solaris 12 had been replaced by Solaris and SPARC next — incremental upgrades. …

Oracle’s 2009 acquisition of Sun, which gave the company Solaris and SPARC, was a terrible move from day one. The rise of commodity Linux x86-based servers insured that Oracle buying Sun would be an all-time awful technology merger and acquisition.

… painful list of all the many once popular Sun programs that Oracle wasted. Among them are:

When all is said and done — and now all has been said and done — Oracle buying Sun was a waste of money for Oracle and a waste of once valuable Sun technologies.

via Sun set: Oracle closes down last Sun product lines | ZDNet

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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