Meinung: IT steht im Zentrum der digitalen Transformation

Angesichts der Tiraden um die abnehmende Bedeutung von CIO und der IT Abteilung endlich einmal ein positiver Ausblick. Bernard Marr steht die IT im Zentrum der digitalen Transformation oder wie es Marr bevorzugt, der “data-driven Transformation.”


Never before has IT played a more pivotal role. Traditionally seen as a tool to keep business processes running efficiently behind the scenes, in the age of Uberization and Big Data, IT has become the business process. Companies and organizations which effectively navigate and harness the flood of available data – from within and from external sources – have got a bright future, while those that miss the boat will flounder. And more likely than not, IT will be the deciding factor.

via IT Playing Strategic Role In Digital Business Transformation

Und Marr bringt auch die neue Umgebung, mit der sich die IT-Abteilung auseinandersetzen muss auf den Punkt:

Software innovation plays a huge role in enabling change on this scale, but to fully recognize the benefits of digital transformation requires a fundamental rethink of many of the principles that modern networking is based on. Whereas twenty years ago a business may have had two digital data connections to the outside world – telephones and PCs – today data comes in from every angle. Cameras, sensors, scanners, transactional systems, mobile phones, wearables, social media and customer feedback mechanisms can all be mined to provide insights on how to do things more efficiently and effectively.

via IT Playing Strategic Role In Digital Business Transformation

Ich wiederhole meine 2 Cents aus dem Artikel zur McKinsey-Umfrage: Wer außer IT kann diese Umgebung überblicken, orchestrieren, kontrollieren und auswerten? Genau das muss der CIO seinen C-Level-Kollegen klar machen.

(Stefan Pfeiffer)


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