IDC TrendSpotter: Datenschutz und Sicherung der Privatsphäre werden immer wichtiger

Eigentlich ist es ja Eulen nach Athen getragen, aber trotzdem möchte ich diesen Absatz vom IDC Trendspotter zitieren. Digitale Transformation, das nahtlos vernetzte Internet der Dinge, erfolgreiche Onlinedienste, autonomes Fahren und viele andere Entwicklungen treiben die Datenexplosion voran und produzieren gleichzeitig den Bedarf nach Datenschutz und Sicherung der Privatsphäre – und das nicht nur wegen GDPR bzw. EU-DSGVO. Technologien wie Blockchain werden hier vielleicht eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

This new digital world is going to be far more open than anything we have previously seen. Systems will have to be much more integrated, there will be a more fluid exchange of information, and we can expect increased communication between devices with minimal human interaction. This unprecedented level of openness requires organizations to urgently address issues such as protection, privacy, and trust. The need to ensure data protection and privacy is clearly not a new concept for organizations to grasp, but it is an imperative that is rapidly moving up the list of priorities as more and more breaches occur. It is important at this stage to understand that the meaning of data protection and privacy can vary. In some parts of the world, data privacy essentially looks at how the personal information of customers, employees, or users is managed. In other parts, privacy and protection are viewed as interchangeable.

Quelle: IDC TrendSpotter

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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