Lese- und Videotipp: Alles rund um Blockchain von TechRepublic

Und mal wieder ein Lesetipp: TechRepublic hat einen umfassenden Führer zusammengestellt, der umfassend das Thema Blockchain erläutert. Empfehlenswert! Wie auch dieses Video hier.

Executive summary

  • What is the blockchain? The blockchain is a cryptographically secure index of every Bitcoin transaction. Blockchain technology is also used to enable a number of public and private virtual currencies, such as Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • Why does the blockchain matter? Over time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may fade in and out of fashion. The blockchain is intended to provide a tamper-proof record of transaction metadata, regardless of transaction type.
  • Who does the blockchain affect? Everyone who spends money. Bitcoin evangelists argue that because blockchain-based currencies are based on code, not governments, the code is more reliable and fair than traditional monetary systems.
  • When is the blockchain happening? The blockchain and Bitcoin were coded and released to the public in a white paper by mysterious developer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The currency hit the mainstream in 2012 and peaked in value in 2013.
  • How do I access the blockchain? The blockchain API is available at blockchain.info, and can be downloaded using Bittorrent (a similarly named but unrelated technology) on most major torrent sites.

über Blockchain: The smart person’s guide – TechRepublic

(Stefan Pfeiffer)


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