Und das nächste große Ding heisst … Augmented Reality

Kaum schreibe ich hier über Alexa und HomePod, da verkündet Fortune schon das große Ding, an dem die Techgiganten arbeiten. Und es heisst … AR

Augmented reality (AR), a much-hyped technology that superimposes digital graphics on the physical world, is a major focus for several of the world’s biggest technology companies. Facebook (FB, +0.20%), Microsoft (MSFT, -0.18%), Google (GOOG, +0.46%), and Apple (AAPL, +0.60%) all highlighted AR at their annual developer conferences.

… In contrast [To Virtual Reaity] AR doesn’t require people to spend hundreds of dollars on new computing gear. Instead, they can use their current smartphones and their cameras.

… The problem is that AR is still a relatively new to mainstream developers. Unlike with creating websites or smartphone apps, there’s no standardized way to build an AR app …

And while each of these big companies may be able to attract developers to build AR apps for their services, it’s no guarantee that people will use them. Since last summer’s Pokémon Go, there has yet to be a big breakthrough AR app, highlighting the still limited appetite for such apps and the years of hard work ahead in refining the technology.

via Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Need Augmented Reality Coders | Fortune.com

Na, es scheint, dass der Hype noch nicht über uns drüber schwappt, aber weiß, wie lange es dauert?

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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