Eine Landkarte von Anbietern von KI-Lösungen für Unternehmen

Eine interessante Übersicht von Anbietern von Lösungen der Künstlicher Intelligenz. Natürlich sehr verwunderlich für mich, warum gerade IBM hier fehlt, das mit Watson-basierten Lösungen in diverse Kategorien passt. Oder bin ich nur blind?


Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being allocated to artificial intelligence technologies.

By our definition, “enterprise” technology companies create tools for workplace roles and functions that a large number of businesses use. …

Plenty of enterprise companies use combinations of automated data science, machine learning, and modern deep learning approaches for tasks like data preparation, predictive analytics, and process automation. Many are well-established players with deep domain expertise and product functionality. Others are hot new startups applying artificial intelligence to new problems. We cover a mix of both.

To help you identify the best tools for your business, we’ve broken up our landscape of enterprise AI solutions into functional categories to match organizational workflows and use cases. Most of these enterprise companies can be classified in multiple categories, but we focused on the primary value add and differentiation for each company.

Source: The Essential Landscape of Enterprise A.I. Companies – TOPBOTS

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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