Cisco und IBM arbeiten in Cybersecurity zusammen

WannaCry ist ein aktuelles Fanal, das auf die Sicherheitsrisiken aufmerksam gemacht hat. IBM Sicherheitsguru Bruce Schneier warnt vor kommenden Gefahren angesichts des Internet of Things. IBM und Cisco, die schon in anderen Bereichen wie Collaboration-Lösungen – ihre Zusammenarbeit angekündigt haben, tun dies nun auch im Bereich Cybersecurity:

Cisco (CSCO, -0.47%) and IBM (IBM, +0.59%) have decided to join forces to swap threat intelligence between their internal research groups when investigating major hacks moving forward. The two companies are also planning to add product integrations that connect their portfolios over the course of the year. …

 The two titans, whose security businesses amount to more than $2 billion apiece in revenues, plan to have their respective security research teams—Cisco’s Talos and IBM’s X-Force—coordinate as they dig into big security incidents, just as they did during the WannaCry onslaught. They believe that doing so will help them better respond to attacks and protect customers. …

… Though the two companies are rivals, they have rather complimentary security portfolios; Cisco dominates the cloud and networking side, while IBM reins over services, intelligence collection, and analytics. …

As part of the deal, Cisco said it would be build apps on IBM’s QRadar threat intelligence platform, a software tool used to manage the flow of information for analysts in security operations centers. Cisco plans to develop an app for Firepower, its network firewall product, and another for Threat Grid, a sandboxing tool that analyzes malware.

The apps will becoming available in coming weeks, Ulevitch told Fortune. The company plans to demo them at the end of June.

On the other side, IBM plans to better incorporate Cisco’s products into its IT service support offerings beginning in the next few months. Cisco’s products are slated to gain additional capability from tie-ins with IBM’s Resilient software, an incident response tool, and Watson for Cybersecurity, IBM’s bet on artificial intelligence, a intelligence analysis product that has been coming online slowly but surely in recent months.

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(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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