Ohne zuverlässige Daten wird das nichts mit der Digitalen Transformation

Das Thema Datenmanagement gewinnt immer weiter an Bedeutung. Waren es heute noch die transaktionalen und die unstrukturierten Daten, so kommt jetzt eine Flut weitere Daten mit dem Internet of Things und all die neuen Devices auf uns zu.

Transactional data – sales, financial, and the like – is the most common source of data at organizations in IDG’s 2016 Enterprise Data & Analytics Survey. Customer databases are close behind, followed by email and productivity applications. Nearly half (45%) of IT leaders said managing this latter type of unstructured data – email, Word files, presentations, videos, and other non-numerical information – is one of their biggest challenges.

Coming on strong is a new generation of machine- or sensor-generated data, which grew 29% from 2015 to 2016 and is expected to grow even faster as organizations increase investments in the Internet of Things.

These different data types add up quickly: By the end of last year, 22% of enterprise organizations expected to be managing more than 1 petabyte of data.

Where is it stored?

Data is the driving force behind every organization today, and therefore data management is the driving force behind any digital transformation initiative. Without good, clean, accessible, and trustworthy data, your digital transformation journey may be a slow and difficult one.

Source: Want to Speed Up Your Digital Transformation Initiatives? Take a Look at Your Data | CIO

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