Studie: Trump-Brexit Effekt beschleunigt Digitale Transformation

Interessante Aussage im Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2017. Politische Unsicherheit – insbesondere der bevorstehende Brexit und die Wahl von Donald Trump – fördert die digitale Transformation:

The Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2017 found the number of organizations with enterprise-wide digital strategies has increased by 52 percent over the past two years chiefly in response to economic uncertainty. But the combined impact of Trump and Brexit has definitely had an impact, too, and this was one of the surprise findings of this year’s (nineteenth) survey, said Lisa Heneghan, KPMG’s Global Head of Technology.

“One way the [Trump-Brexit effect] is manifesting itself is for enterprises to digitize as fast as they can,” she revealed. If businesses are less certain about the political environment, a greater level of automation provides a greater level of responsiveness as circumstances change. “Organizations have moved on from a world of strategizing and talking about digital, to one in which they are actually making it happen: we are now seeing widespread and active implementation,” Heneghan added.

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Und Digital Labor sei am Kommen. Dahinter versteckt sich die Automatisierung sich wiederholender Geschäftsprozesse, maschinelles Lernen und kognitive Systeme:

Digital labour on the rise
According to Heneghan, “Digital labour is how we describe the automation of human jobs using digital technology. This is occurring at three levels: the automation of repetitive business processes; the use of machine learning and finally the use of more advanced cognitive AI that enables software to make more sophisticated judgments.”

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