WannaCry Ransomware Attacke auf nicht gepatchte Microsoft-Rechner- Hintergrundinformationen von IBM X-Force Exchange

Angesichts der WannaCry Ransomware Attacke von vergangenem Freitag möchten wir an dieser Stelle auf die Fakten aufmerksam machen und das IBM X-Force Exchange Center vorstellen, wo generell Sicherheitsbedrohungen verfolgt werden. Limor Kessem, Executive Security Advisor ist eine der Top Cyber Intelligence Experts bei IBM Security hat den folgenden Beitrag verfasst, der die Problematik detailliert darlegt:

On Friday, May 12, 2017, the world was alarmed to discover that cybercrime had achieved a new record. In a widespread ransomware attack that hit organizations in more than 100 countries within the span of 48 hours, the operators of malware known as WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r 2.0 are believed to have caused the biggest attack of its kind ever recorded.

Perhaps more than anything else, this ransomware onslaught is a resounding reminder of the importance of security basics, especially when it comes to Microsoft product patching. Those who applied critical Microsoft Windows patches released in March were protected against this attack. …

At this time, many Windows servers and workstations are still potentially vulnerable, which means that Wcry may still have ground to cover in the coming week.

To mitigate the threat, organizations should ensure that the relevant patches are urgently deployed across their entire infrastructure where the Windows OS is used. Microsoft has issued an emergency patch that can be viewed here. …

Wcry is spreading at an alarming rate, and while it was temporarily slowed down by the accidental discovery of a kill switch, that part of its code has already been removed. …

Remember that the criminals behind these attacks have already removed the kill switch, and not all samples contained it from the get-go. Make sure your environment is fully patched and expect Wcry this week. …

Protecting Your Organization with IBM

For information on using your IBM products to defend your infrastructure from the Wcry threat, please browse to our special mitigation collection on X-Force Exchange.

Source: WannaCry Ransomware Spreads Across the Globe, Makes Organizations Wanna Cry About Microsoft Vulnerability

IBM befasst sich intensiv mit dem Thema Cyber Security und IBM X-Force Research gehört zu den weltweit renommiertesten Teams für die kommerzielle Sicherheitsforschung. Die Sicherheitsexperten überwachen und analysieren Sicherheitsprobleme aus unterschiedlichsten Quellen und stellen Sicherheitsdaten als Grundlage für das IBM Security-Portfolio bereit.


Über IBM X-Force Exchange stellt IBM eine Cloud-basierte Plattform zur Verfügung, wo Sicherheitsbedrohungen aktuell verfolgt werden können. Dort können IT-Abteilungen und Benutzer in kürzester Zeit recherchieren. Hier der Link zum dort hinterlegten WannaCry Bulletin.


(Stefan Pfeiffer)


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