CIO Roadmap: Was kommt als nächstes rund um Hybrid Cloud?

Gute Zusammenfassung der Vorteile einer Hybrid Cloud-Strategie:

Hybrid cloud is attractive because it offers companies a middle ground between going “full cloud” and being entirely on premises. It saves money because companies can offload many of their non-mission critical systems to the cloud and avoid investing in new hardware, software, and infrastructure. A hybrid cloud strategy also gives companies the flexibility to maintain their own in-house systems under their own IT staff and governance standards, and even to turn some of these systems into private cloud environments that they themselves create and maintain.

This hybrid cloud flexibility is further amplified on the financial side of IT, as there are now vendors that are offering IT the flexibility of moving systems between on premises and cloud implementations while keeping the prices of these systems constant (i.e., you aren’t locked in to three- to five-year contract if you decide to be on premises, and you can convert to cloud or back to on premises whenever you want).

However, once companies understand the technological and financial flexibilities of hybrid cloud, it’s time to move on to new stages of implementation.

Source: CIO roadmap: What’s next for hybrid cloud? – Tech Pro Research

Aber es gibt auch Herausforderungen, die CIOs bedenken müssen: Einige IT Funktionen werden wahrscheinlich aus der eigenen IT Abteilung wandern und als Managed Service betrieben werden. Robuste Service Level Agreements gewinnen an Bedeutung. Und auch die Frage, wie eine Lösung von der Cloud des einen Anbieters zu einem anderen Anbieter oder gar zurück ins eigene Rechenzentrum sollte bedacht werden. Hybrid Cloud-Strategien werden die IT Abteilung – und nicht nur die verändern – und neue Strategien erfordern:

As hybrid cloud computing continues to shape companies and their IT, it will shake up business processes and operations within IT. Higher levels of collaboration will be needed between IT and end-business functions. Greater levels of hybrid computing will also require a rewriting of IT strategies, policies, and procedures that can cover an expanded and highly flexible infrastructure that is more complicated to run.

Source: CIO roadmap: What’s next for hybrid cloud? – Tech Pro Research

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

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