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Places, where the CIO has the chance to lead Digital Transformation

While certain aspects of digital transformation have industry-specific applications and use case scenarios, broadly speaking, the major themes of digital that impact business behavior are common across all industries. The following are a selection of common digital themes, irrespective of industry, that C-suite executives have told Ovum are essential to address in 2017:

  • Determining the internal and external business value of data.

  • Identifying which customer journeys matter.

  • Talent acquisition and retention in support of digital business models.

  • Managing the reality of omnichannel front- and back-office operations.

  • Adapting business models for a digital workforce.

Ovum believes that these themes clearly demonstrate a maturing in terms of how organizations are looking to address their digital agenda in 2017. Given the ongoing transformative nature of digital on business functions, CIOs should align their messaging in support of the above themes. This places the CIO in a core position to influence, shape, and lead the adoption of digital business practices supported by the IT function. It is Ovum’s opinion that by doing so, CIOs have an opportunity to frame the IT function’s value in clear alignment to business outcomes for their C-suite peers.

Source: OvumThe C-suite priorities that most impact the CIO – Ovum

Stefan Pfeiffer

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